Sunday, January 07, 2007

Just thinking...

Waging a war and fighting a war are two vastly different things. It is the men in the suits, in the offices, pushing paper and writing up legislation that wage war. It is the men in the fatigues, in the insurgent-filled cities, dodging bullets and avoiding IEDs that fight war. Ann Coulter's now infamous remark about the mothers who lost their sons to the war in Iraq just seems to highlight this difference in my mind:

Her argument is their protests are antithetical to the ideals and goals of the United States. But those mothers never said a word against how the war was being fought. No sane person would say that our boys overseas are not fighting as best as they can. Instead, they were angry with how the war was being and continues to be waged. This is not merely rhetorical sematics; this is moral and philsophical semantics that call into question the very nature of our democracy.

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