Monday, December 31, 2007

Wallet Alert

     Last, but not least, I'd like to remind everyone that A.P.C.'s sale is still going on online. And thankfully (or not, depending on your financial situation) there seem to be plenty of sizes left on some items.

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I Got Greed For...

(Matte black bullet pen, $20 @ Fisher)

     Rather than sleeping, I (in a fit of delirious consumer lucidity) stayed up and shopped for no good reason other than the fact that I love toying with my own desires.

     I've always been of the opinion that any man worth his salt needs an empty book and a full pen with at him at all times, as it indicates both readiness and receptiveness for all matters earthly, spiritual, and literary. Fisher designed the original Space Pen, a writing instrument invented solely for NASA. Faced with the challenges of weakened gravity, blistering heat, and intense cold, Paul C. Fisher created a pen that writes using 35 pounds per square inch of pressure capable of writing at temperature extremes from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, underwater, and at any angle imaginable.

     Their bullet pen, in the above shown matte black, is a miniaturized version of their original space pen and has been screaming my name for two years. One of these days, I'm just going to plunk down the Jackson and make it my own. Armed with this and my Moleskine, I might very well be unstoppable.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Got Greed For...

(School Boy Sweater by Obedient Sons, $84 from $196 @ New Dandyism)

With the recent resurgence of the cardigan, I feel like guys need to really think about whether or not this trend is for them. That's the real problem; guys don't take the time to try and figure out if a trend actually suits their style. If you think it will work out with your wardrobe, then just make sure to keep it classy. Simple lines, neutral colors (or bright solids, if you're daring), and a slim fit will ensure that you look like you're ready for drinks, not a walker.

If I had the cash for it, I would totally snatch this one right up. The restrained color palette utilizes striping just perfectly. I'm usually a little wary of horizontal stripes, but I can't help but imagine this little number hanging up in my closet. And at less than half the original price, this would make a perfect belated Christmas present for whomever you forgot this holiday season.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Comics, How I Love Thee

(From left to right: The Laird of Wales, Fallon Young, Ryan Beckwith, Shelby Winners, Tim Jones)

John Allison's Scary Go Round is an everyday read for me, first and foremost for its uncanny wit and remarkably charming cast of characters. But there's plenty of design candy, too, as Allison populates the fictional Tackleford with a cast of characters with sense of style as sharp as their wit. Thanks to the ever-expanding cast's series of misadventures, we always have to occasion to visit them in various locales and situations which necessitates an equally broad wardrobe. And honestly, who doesn't want to live in Tackleford?

Oh, and Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pack My Luggage or...

Work on my beanie. Ribbed edge and then (planned) stockinette ribs to the top. All progress is relative.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Got Greed For...

(Surface 2 Air Mountain Sneaker, $125 @ Brigade)

I believe we have discussed (at length) my inability to ignore a well-made shoe. Surface 2 Air never stops wowing me with their consistent design voice and their continual innovation. This Mountain Sneaker has all the makings of a classic shoe. It appeals to every single one of my sensibilities. Well-priced and well-made, I would have no qualms about buying this shoe if I had the money. Hell, I don't have the money and I'm still seriously considering picking them up.

What I love about these shoes is that they're so effortlessly chic. The lacing, though clever, has no sense of being a deliberate affectation. The most gentle of logo branding (and one of the few logos that I don't despise, I might add) finishes it off.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


(Man in the Moon Spoon, $100 @ Tiffany and Co.)

Perhaps it's a ridiculous idea, but I am utterly in love with silver spoons. Or at least the idea of it. The prestige and sense of worth bestowed upon a life. To treasure a child as though he were the sun and the moon and everything in between.

Complicit in this deep-seated love for Tiffany's fine silversmithery is, naturally, Breakfast at Tiffany's, a movie which has so many meanings and is such a heart-wrenchingly inane look at an inane life that it is absolutely absurd to watch it and not feel as though you have had some strange part of yourself excised and placed upon display. That is to say, it really knows how to tug on a heartstring.

Often times, I kind of think about what I imagine my life will be like and, more often than not, I envision kids in my future. Don't know when or how or with whom (if anyone), but I definitely do see kids in my life. I wouldn't know who to live for otherwise. And these brief imaginings are the collected willings of our subconscious, the life we want but are too psychologically repressed to actually admit any such desire. But in these flashes of somewhen, I always imagine using the silver spoon on Birthdays. For ice cream, maybe?

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Friday, December 14, 2007

How Much I Owe My Mother

Written November 28, 2005:

My mother and I had been making dumplings together for the past hour. She would take the old wooden chopsticks, now smeared with the pork and vegetable mush, and pluck out a dollop of filling onto a dumpling wrapper before handing it to me. I would wet my finger and run it along the edge of the wrapper in a half-circle before pulling the two sides together and pinching the seal into a dainty crimp.

As we continued working, I felt the need to speak.

"Why don't you just stop talking to Yi-ma? You know how stressed she gets you, how bad it is for you heart."

She didn't even stop to look at me.

"Because we're family and you stick by family. That's what you do."

I crimped another dumpling shut.

"Even if they hurt you?"

"Even if they hurt you."

The dumplings tasted better that night.

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Design for Information

I have got to say that there are some deliriously inventive ways people expand the Wikipedia project and the inclusion of graphic art is a definitely a big plus.

The WikiProject WikiWorld is a collaborative effort of several editors along with artist Greg Williams to utilize his different illustrations and infographic designs to briefly summarize Wikipedia articles. The variety of Williams technique, including the depth of his humor and the fluidity of his style, creates an interesting way to look at how art, technology, and information combine in the modern world.

More than anything else, this is an affirmation that we aren't descending into the deepest trenches of cultural decline. Instead, it seems like our general culture is learning to absorb more information and to do it in both aesthetically pleasing and aesthetically interesting ways. In centuries past, design was meant for luxury, for symbolism, for artistic greatest. Only nowadays would we ever have need design for information.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dear J. Lo,

Listen, mija, I know you're fabulous about 75% of the time (you don't get a pass on that fringe-y shit you wear just because you're 'Jenny from the Block'. Nobody gets a pass on any fringe-y shit). Believe me, I see the Us Weeklys and Peoples in the supermarket checkout lanes.

Let's examine some lyrics, shall we:

"Strangers always got some mess to spread,
But I have learned to flick them off.
Can't walk a mile in YSLs,
I strap them on and I walk it off."

Fabulous. You still got it baby! Defiant pseudo-ghetto lyrics expressing both your individuality and your penchant for expensive footwear? Love it! Wrap it up, slap a bow on it, and stuff it down my chimney!

...Or that's how I would feel, if you didn't choose to package it thusly:

Honestly, girl, what do you want us to do in light of this? The poor numbers you got after two months of sales? Chalk it up to shit like that.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Giving Up

An appropriate image, as Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats in Congress have really managed to fuck this one up and turn their backs on their gay constituents. The New York Times had a wonderful piece on how the Matthew Shepherd Act failed to even reach the president's desk, despite a House vote of 237-180 and a Senate cloture vote of 60-39.

In answer to Bush's threatened veto, congressional leaders had cleverly attached it to the latest Defense Authorization Bill, which Bush's ideology would not have allowed him to veto. And yet, fearful Democrats unwilling to appear hawkish and staunch Republicans unwilling to appear liberal managed to kill a bill that would have expanded the definition of hate crimes to include all racial, sexual, and religious minorities and provided some measure of federal response to hate crimes.

Now, I haven't spoken much about this (neither on the blog nor in real life), just because I realize hate crimes are a really sticky issue. It's hard to explain to people why hate crimes aren't special laws meant to raise gays up or put social/religious conservatives down. But if the Catholics were being hunted down (either physically or verbally) by those around them, you can bet that they wouldn't stand for it and would demand immediate protections. The Matthew Shepherd Act and other laws like it do not state that gays inherently deserve special laws protecting them. What we really need to focus on is the fact that gays (and other targeted groups) need these laws because of the very real and very imminent danger that extremists pose.

Thus far, I remain unimpressed by the Democrat sweep of the Congress, mostly because they haven't done jack shit to deserve any praise.

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The Internet Allows for Gross Stupidity

Right now I'm totally lucid and unnecessarily honest.

I found you through Facebook, followed you through Google, and have been silently doing research. You fascinate me, although you obviously are unaware. Angela has told me to be precise and make the necessary accidents happen, but I'm very wary of her advice, mostly because it sounds like something I would say. I definitely find you attractive (why else would I say so?), but I'm completely terrified of engaging you in any way (either directly or obliquely).

Truth be told, I am feeling really powerless and insecure and stupid and obsessive, even though I've spent the last year or two trying to be the exact opposite. And I don't even have anything of substance, which is the most hilarious part. We're connected mostly through willful happenstance (i.e. me poring over Facebook in a random, bored haze) and the circumstances of the Information Age have facilitated this one-sided relationship that I have with the possibility of knowing you.

Really, would you respond if I asked? Would you answer if I called? Would I ever call in the first place? Unlikely, but I feel motivated.

Why can't I be more impressive? Why can't I just sail through the social world and catch your eye? I mean, honestly, I think it would be worth both of our time if we tried to get to know one another. From all signs available, you are smart, well-mannered, eloquent, rationally profound, and just a generally nice person. And you want a relationship. Well, that's the checked boxes talking there. But you don't seem like the kind of person to want something cheap and meaningless that doesn't last past morning.

And damn it, I can make things valuable and meaningful that last as long as I try.

And Angela, you're still erudite and willful. Never forget it.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Maintain Sequence

Another one?

I guess I like it for formatting reasons, not the least of which is that it constitutes less work for me. It's been fun to feel real, because sound requires gravitas, for which I have taken my mother's recipe.

How obvious is it that I want someone? But how can you want someone when you're connected through the anonymous clumping of technology. Yeah, I guess I could easily click on your profile on Facebook, but what sort of relationship does that make? Is it healthy? Is it fair?

Being online always makes me guilty, some I'm committing some sin by knowing too much, by clicking one link too far.

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Not the Best Idea

Try giving my little amateur podcast a listen.

It's pretty terrible.

But it's about as meaningful as I can be right now.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Got Greed For...

Shoes. Oh good Lord, do I have it bad for some shoes. And when it's three in the morning and I'm riding on a brownie-fueled wave of material lust, there's nothing to do but ogle pairs upon pairs of shoes.

(Prada Leather Square Toe Oxfords, $396 @ Bluefly)

Having recently acquired a pair of round toe black leather lace up oxfords, I feel like a square toe would also be nice, as sometimes I feel guilty for not being more conscious of the difference. Honestly, the round toe is fine, but sometimes I desire just a bit more edge, and a square toe does that brilliant. The profile on this Prada number is wonderful, with a nicely proportioned heel and a nice, gentle line forming the foot.

(Sperry Top-Sider Black Patent Boat Shoe, $95 @ Sperry Top-Sider)

Equals parts class and flash, this number combines a classic shoe form and profile with the unexpected, but highly appreciated touch of patent leather. Rather than gaudy, the simple shoe turns into something refined, something you could feel comfortable wearing with shorts to brunch or with jeans to drinks—although the two need not be separate events. Just make sure you're playing something else a little more tame to keep your look tame.

(Creative Recreation Dicoco Lo in White/White Patent, $132 @ Revolving Clothing)

I give the folks at Creative Recreation a lot of shit for how unnecessarily loud some of their shoes are, and not in an interesting way (here's lookin' at you Lanvin). But here, they do something right. A high-top white patent sneaker with a few straps for interest and a good clean line all over. For it's price, a fantastic shoe if you're looking for something white and shiny.

(Puma AMQ Tendon Mid in Black, $259 @ Revolve Clothing)

Hearing Alexander McQueen's name associated with footwear just makes my heart melt. I've always had a soft spot for McQueen and his other label, McQ. Although I find some of their clothes preposterous, I also appreciate the craft and thought that go into his garments. Likewise, this shoe showcases his excellent shoes of color, texture, drama, and construction, but does so without compromising the essential Puma label. The AMQ Tendon is a wonderful study in balance and in co-operation. Were that all designer-meets-mainstream brand collaborations this excellent executed, the world would be the better for it.

And as masochistic as it may appear to spend so much time searching for things I can't have and can't afford, there's a certain satisfaction that only shopping can satisfy. It's the hunt, the search. How can you train your eye if you don't exercise it? You can't learn to be discerning if you don't spend some time looking first.

Besides, typing stops me from eating anymore brownies.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I Got Greed For...

(James Perse Fine Gauge Tipped Crew, $80 from $160, Revolve Clothing)

I must say that I am absolutely enchanted by this James Perse sweatshirt. I've been looking for a plain grey fine gauge cotton sweatshirt for weeks now (everyone within earshot will attest) and here it is! And at 50% I am so tempted to just grab this. And in my size, too? Jesus is certainly getting less subtle with these signs of his.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Savannah, Paper-Writing, and Why None of This Is Your Fault

Unfortunately, the people in the building resemble herd animals more than human beings. This evening, we had the lovely experience of the ceiling turning into the vibrating diaphragm of the building. Above, the sounds of pursuit (very fox-meets-hound) indicated that something utterly inappropriate for the hour was occurring. I really don't try to understand the people who live here. Who leaves their box in the hallway for weeks, as though people don't need to walk through the halls? (I have yet to find a circumstance for which this is acceptable, excepting that you are being held prisoner by some sociopath.)

Alison and I agreed.

I have found myself well on the way, but I'm wanting to finish.

I've been considering slugging down a Diet Coke and seeing if I can stay up and finish this paper (which I had stated was my goal). And it's proving to be a little difficult to focus.

Oh, I hate how I always feel like I'm running out of things. It's like running out of breath, except it's your pride that's burning, not your lungs. Well, your pride is seething, actually, just stewing in its own failure. Reveling in it satisfied this deep urge inside, right next to the button that turns on the thrill of buying a nice pair of shoes.

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Monday, December 03, 2007

On second thought, ignore the coffee offer below. Let's have these instead:

(Clique au-dessus, s'il vouz plait)

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Limited Time Offer

Although I am extremely happy with my current situation (that is, a inhabitable apartment, interesting classes, and supremely satisfying friends), I am also a little bit saddened by the fact that I have no one with whom I can gab over Vogue or Details or Nylon or WWD.

Who wants coffee and magazines? On me.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Friday Escapade

A night marked by urgency, but no need to be wasteful with time. We went to the Paramount to see Iron & Wine. Califone opened for them, but we weren't terribly interested.

The ladies next to us were pretty awful, though. They kept getting up and sitting back down, requiring multiple instances of squash-myself-into-my-seat-and-try-not-to-appear-too-irritated syndrome. And then the one next to me kept falling asleep and kicking me. Yeah.

I can forgive it though, as Sam Beam makes me forgive everything. Even all the times that Theresa Broad gave me shit in middle school (but that comes with the awkward process of coming out, so I'll take it for what it represents in the long run), even when I get gipped by the Coldstone people who refuse to make my ice cream unnecessarily huge (if I wanted reasonable ice cream, I would go someone else, now wouldn't I?), and other stuff.

Honestly, he sounds better in concert than on record. Sam Beam is one of those rare musicians that doesn't simply play songs off his records but actually performs them, which accounts for the goosebumps I got. Tavi and I felt like his rendition of "Woman King" seemed a little off, but it's just such a weird, trippy song to begin with that any live performance of it is bound to seem like it's being sung by a siren on Mars in a fish tank. Or something.

I snagged myself a shirt (kids' large!), as did Alison and Tavi. We ate Barney's before, so I was a little sleepy going in, but I quickly perked up as I realized how deliriously beautiful the music was.

I think I should go to bed now, since I have a meeting one of the student magazine editors tomorrow. Oh, to be professional.

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