Friday, December 14, 2007

Design for Information

I have got to say that there are some deliriously inventive ways people expand the Wikipedia project and the inclusion of graphic art is a definitely a big plus.

The WikiProject WikiWorld is a collaborative effort of several editors along with artist Greg Williams to utilize his different illustrations and infographic designs to briefly summarize Wikipedia articles. The variety of Williams technique, including the depth of his humor and the fluidity of his style, creates an interesting way to look at how art, technology, and information combine in the modern world.

More than anything else, this is an affirmation that we aren't descending into the deepest trenches of cultural decline. Instead, it seems like our general culture is learning to absorb more information and to do it in both aesthetically pleasing and aesthetically interesting ways. In centuries past, design was meant for luxury, for symbolism, for artistic greatest. Only nowadays would we ever have need design for information.

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