Tuesday, March 25, 2008

STOP THAT and WAYWT? Serious Spring

      Rarely do I ever offer direct admonition. It's not something that I feel like I can do very well. And rarely do I ever feel like I'm in a position in which my opinion really matters, but I can't just let this one go.

     Urban Outfitters has decided it was necessary to re-create the Alain Mikli custom numbers that Kanye had made. Say what you want about him, but Kanye has swagger in spades and can rock those shades, even if they're a ridiculous idea. But to do them in these obnoxious colors for people who believe that "nu-rave" is a real thing? I think I've already seen a few floating around the campus (which is ridiculous the moment you stop and think about it) and i only worry that it might get worse. I refuse to provide a link, lest I aid in Urban Outfitters pushing more of these unsightly things into innocent people's hands.

     Urban Outfitters, stop that. Stop that right now.

     On a lighter note, the day was lighter.

(Zara shirt, random cashmere scarf, Opening Ceremony jeans, thrifted leather lace-ups)

     It was a good day for rolled panted. I wish I had some cropped trousers for this outfit and a better shirt, but hopefully Connie will be bringing back some nice bright shirts for me, which just requires that I buy some nice cropped khaki pants. Maybe it's time for some brown boat shoes? Or some other variant of loafer?

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Food For the Road

     "'But we call it lembas or waybread, and it s more strengthening than any food made by Men,  and it is more pleasant than cram by all accounts.'"
-Book II, Chapter 8, 'Farewell to Lórein'

     So it's a lazy sort of Sunday and I've spent my entire day grocery shopping/doing dishes, but I decided to take an hour out to try out a new recipe. I know it sounds silly (and it is), but I decided to try making lembas, based upon a recipe that I found at Happy Love Strawberry and I'm really happy with the results.

     I won't reproduce the recipe below, because I'm far too lazy, but I will note that I made mine a little sweeter by actually using sugar and honey, although I probably will use just the honey next time. Also, I had planned on adding some lemon zest, but I had already thrown away the squeezed lemon by the time I remembered. Oh well, there's always next time. Also, I wound up adding a wee bit too much milk in an attempt to keep the dough cohesive, but it ended up being a little stickier than I wanted. I rolled it into a ball, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and gave it a chill, which solved that problem rather nicely.

     So I'm obviously not the neatest baker, but I really wanted these things in the oven and having eaten one, I have to say that I am supremely satisfied. The best description I can possibly come up with is that it's a cross between a biscuit and a cookie with hints of lemon and just the slightest bit of sweetness. And yes, this was the nerdiest thing I have ever done in a kitchen.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

WAYWT: Running Late

(Fink seersucker jacket, French Connection skull t-shirt, April 77 grey Colourdrives, Gram 406g sneakers)

     So this whole day started off rather strange, but I think it's going to wind up pretty okay. I wound up oversleeping (damn you, alarm clock), but my professor e-mailed me the test, so I'm going to just turn it in tomorrow. He didn't say if I was going to automatically receive less credit or anything, but I'm already taking this pass/no pass, so it's not much of a big deal. The real happy moment was finally turning in that damned paper that I spent all of yesterday/today writing. Now I just have to tackle a summary and this test and I'm free. Free, I say.

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Eyes Peeled

     I just managed to grueling (nearly) non-stop writing session and managed to pump seven pages out of my rear end for an English paper. I'm going to try and grab myself a couple hours before scrambling off to my Journalism midterm. Gazing into my crystal ball, I see a few things in my future:

  • Mystery boots in a nice, big box from the postman (when I manage to save up the dough)
  • Sending Connie off to Uniqlo and snatching things for me
  • Getting some sleep
  • The feel of a cheap, but freshly laundered pool towel
  • Working hard for the money
  • Michael Bastian shirts at Gap
    And I promise, my doppelgänger, I will see you at some point tomorrow.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WAYWT: Dressy and Drained

(Shades of Griege peacoat, Forever 21 cardigan, Express shirt, Penguin tie, Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans, loafers)

     I suppose it's time for a change of locale. We were taking photos for the yearbook and were instructed to dress appropriately. But apparently "taking photos" really means being squeezed into a huddle and photographed three times.

     I really can't spend any time writing this, as my precious brain cells should be directed towards finishing this damned paper.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

WAYWT: Blue Monday

(Stock cardigan, vintage Polo Ralph Lauren polo, vintage tie, vintage belt, April 77 Dischord, loafers)

     Oh shit. It's Tuesday. Totally forgot. Nothing interesting. Just felt like the day would be a good day for navy.

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WANT WANT WANT: Mystery Boots

     Sorry folks, but this is one that I'm keeping all to myself. Some of my favorite boots ever (EVER) produced are on already sale for more than 40% off and I'm having a severe case of itchy trigger finger. On the one hand, the unnamed store does tend to have really good sales and if I could pick these up for under $150, I'd be so insanely happy.

     So I guess that's my issue: go for it and make sure that I get one in my size? Or hold off and see if I can't squeeze a few more dollars out of the deal? Thoughts?

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Head to Toe: Dressing Down, Dressing UP

(Click for full-sized image)

     So, going out with Connie only makes me realize how pathetically meager my own closet is. In the spirit of that (and Coors Light, Jäger bombs, Jack Daniels, and absurd 90s covers), I present my smart casual options for the coming summer. I love the idea of a muted palette for spring with a flash of color. I know that this hits a bit close to "nu-rave hipster steez" for some folks, and I understand that. But I also don't give a fuck and think that this is a great set of stuff.
  • (one) Rogan Henley in black: I actually picked this up on sale at August and, let me tell you, it fits like a dream. It's fitted, but drapey, and the extra-long sleeve gives it such a great subtle twist. ($120 @ BlueBee)
  • (two) Endovanera Carrot Pant: I can't help but love the idea of cropped trousers. Lord knows that no one needs to see my legs in their full untanned horror, so cropped trousers seem like a great compromise to the upcoming climate change. ($187 @ Oak)
  • (three) Spitfire 83 to Infinity sunglasses in black/red: So, while I love the Ksubi shades, I can't help but think they're a little played out. No, I do not have any Gold Card hang-ups when it comes to clothes. But I like the idea of mixing it up. Black frames with a bold stripe of red certainly seem like a great answer to the increase in sunshine we've been getting. ($35 @ Tobi)
  • (four) Raf Simons Canvas Fasten belt in grey: Throw in a bit of white to break up all those dark neutrals. And who doesn't love webbed canvas for a quick shot of texture? ($132 @ Oki-ni)
  • (five) Driftwood Skull Ring: Moody? Sure. But you can't deny that this ring is a real eye-catching piece. Made of silver and finished with polished black enamel, the detail on this thing is absolutely ridiculous. ($93 on sale from $185 @ Active Endeavors)
  • (six) J. Fold Weekend Bag: And the bag hunt continues. I'm honestly very surprised that I haven't just given up and grabbed the first Chrome or Puma bag that's come my way. But, truth be told, the seeking has been so much more satisfying than the finding. ($350 @ Tobi)
  • (seven) Opening Ceremony Simple Dress Shoe in grey: If I love their jeans, it's not a real stretch of the imagination to expect that I'd love their shoes as well. Patent grey? The novelty wears off quick, but the lustrous and deep color certainly stays. The rounded toe is perfect for dressing up or down and the cut would be ideal for going without socks on a warm summer day. ($325 @ BlueBee)

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Am I Doing Again?

     Reading? No. Studying? No. Finishing the magazine? No. Eating a proper breakfast? No. It was more like a hurried mélange of everything I was trying to/should/wanting to do. But not enough time to actually complete anything in any meaningful way.

     At this point, I'm just really hoping that the weekend can redeem my life.

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Monday, March 10, 2008


(Click for full-size image)

     ...(clockwise from top left)...
  • LISTENING to Hot Chip's Made in the Dark: Honestly the most fun I've been having during this entire weekend of studying. I just got myself the Ready for the Floor remixes, so I'm expecting more enjoyment out of this one.
  • WATCHING Living With the Mek: The Adventures of Mark and Olly: I am absolutely enthralled with this show, mostly because of how bunglingly inept the two of them are. I mean, it's fascinating to watch the other culture, but the best parts are when the show produces moments that are absolutely ridiculous and would never exist outside the context of a television program (i.e. sleeping with pigs, sex stories with ladies).
  • READING Four Theories of the Press by Fred Siebert: Technically there are other writers, but Siebert's writing is what really motivates you to read it. That and the forthcoming assignments that I'll have to do.
  • BUYING Tide Cold Water detergent: Has anyone tried this? I mean, it's not nearly as useful when I'm not the one paying the water bills. But I'm running low on detergent and I want to try something new. Rebellious, no?
  • WEARING Marc by Marc Jacobs burgundy cords: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you're tired of them already.
  • EATING Beemster X.O.: A slice of dairy heaven that's bound to please anyone who likes cheese. Thick, nutty, and aged to perfection, this Beemster has gotten 26 months under its belt and it's learned quite a few tricks during that time. Nutty, warm, it is simply a textural dream.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Like This Wasn't an Obvious Conclusion

     I would like to attribute the dearth of posting to my lack of time and my lack of post-worthy material. Life has been straight up boring for quite a while now. Luckily, I spent the day with my two favorite ladies—Connie and Jon.

     While not necessarily my most successful shopping trip (I had hoped to snag myself a new bag to lug around campus), this certainly was one of the most fun/efficient/entertaining. After a quick stop in Zara, which yielded a fun shirt that screamed "Buy me, Jon!" and a shrug for Connie that I am certain will work it's way into her work outfit, we lingered in Bloomingdale's long enough for me to stare at the absolutely fantastic mannequin display in the men's section. Styled to look like they were walking through heavy wind, the dressers had run wires through almost all the clothing so that it would retain the shape. These sorts of ideas, while inspirational, are utterly out of my budget/scope.

     Far too much time was spent lingering in Barney's where we all got to longingly interact with things we wanted so badly. The Band of Outsiders jacket that I had tried on last time had (of course) been snatched up and the only A.P.C.s left were in ridiculous sizes (34 is ridiculous, right?), so it was a lot of looking around. I saw a fantastic bag that would have been my ideal lug-everything-around bag by Surface 2 Air Paris, but I lacked the financial fortitude necessary to buy it.
     A hop, skip, and cab ride later, we were strolling through the Fillmore, though we were blatantly directing our steps towards the Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique, where I found a delicious pair of jeans and a pair of burgundy cords.

     Honestly, this photo — taken as it is with my shitty camera — simply cannot do any justice to the real depth of color on those corduroys. The jeans are a wonderful dark grey-toned blue and both have a pair of rivets on the back right pocket with "M J" stamped upon them. While these jeans certainly aren't going to catch any serious denimhead's attention, I must admit that I love love love the cords. Unfortunately, I lacked the funds necessary to buy them both at the same time, so I charged it. Which means that once I have enough cash, I'm going to return them and re-buy them using cash from my checking account so that there isn't any serious $190 dent in my credit card statement.

     Oh, such is the needlessly complicated and totally immature world of a college fashionisto-wanna be.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


(Blood is the New Black COACD.com shirt, $20 @ Blood is the New Black)

     I'm having a hard time containing my explosive desire to possess this garment. I literally squealed when it popped up on my screen. If I start talking, I won't stop, so I better just shut up.

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"What Should A Writer Do?" He Asked

     If you were to ask me, I would say that the moment that every writer should strive for is the moment where he recognizes how sheer the cliffs are that he must scale. I mean, when you come across the bulk of existence, of literature, of art, you are a tiny, infinitely small speck. And I believe that the greatest truth about the self is found only through the unconscious recognition of these differences in size. And as the moment approaches and you slowly get closer and closer to the surface of this great monolith that Man has made, your neck cranes further and further back in some silly attempt to comprehend the size of it. And the first step up this bulwark is when the writer first writes in acknowledgment of how unknowingly high he must climb. I can't say if and where the cliff ends, I have no idea how many blind gropes up the craggy mountainside it will take. But that on the top of that cliff, one may see out until forever.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Head to Toe: Weekday Sleek

(Click for full-sized image)

     While I'm walking around and running errands, I've been staring at a lot of concrete. And I've been modifying my wardrobe to be sleek and comfortable, but versatile. So while I've been in cardigans and skinnies, my ideal choice would be a combination of tailored, but slightly off-kilter pieces. Endovanera's pull-back jacket provides the kind of streamlined silhouette I've been trying to emulate (to varied degrees of success). A pair of Raf Simons' pleated trousers with an untucked tuxedo shirt from Mjolk creates a casual sense of refinement perfectly suited for everyday chores. I love the proportions of those pants and the shirt's details, from its Peter Pan collar to its hem, keep the look casual without sacrificing any of its style. I've loved the Schmoove line of shoes for their bold approach to sneakers and their Jamaica Corso combines the comfort and sleek lines of a sneaker with wingtip detailing for a captivating clash between classy and casual. That's enough alliteration for one night, eh?

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