Sunday, March 16, 2008

Head to Toe: Dressing Down, Dressing UP

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     So, going out with Connie only makes me realize how pathetically meager my own closet is. In the spirit of that (and Coors Light, Jäger bombs, Jack Daniels, and absurd 90s covers), I present my smart casual options for the coming summer. I love the idea of a muted palette for spring with a flash of color. I know that this hits a bit close to "nu-rave hipster steez" for some folks, and I understand that. But I also don't give a fuck and think that this is a great set of stuff.
  • (one) Rogan Henley in black: I actually picked this up on sale at August and, let me tell you, it fits like a dream. It's fitted, but drapey, and the extra-long sleeve gives it such a great subtle twist. ($120 @ BlueBee)
  • (two) Endovanera Carrot Pant: I can't help but love the idea of cropped trousers. Lord knows that no one needs to see my legs in their full untanned horror, so cropped trousers seem like a great compromise to the upcoming climate change. ($187 @ Oak)
  • (three) Spitfire 83 to Infinity sunglasses in black/red: So, while I love the Ksubi shades, I can't help but think they're a little played out. No, I do not have any Gold Card hang-ups when it comes to clothes. But I like the idea of mixing it up. Black frames with a bold stripe of red certainly seem like a great answer to the increase in sunshine we've been getting. ($35 @ Tobi)
  • (four) Raf Simons Canvas Fasten belt in grey: Throw in a bit of white to break up all those dark neutrals. And who doesn't love webbed canvas for a quick shot of texture? ($132 @ Oki-ni)
  • (five) Driftwood Skull Ring: Moody? Sure. But you can't deny that this ring is a real eye-catching piece. Made of silver and finished with polished black enamel, the detail on this thing is absolutely ridiculous. ($93 on sale from $185 @ Active Endeavors)
  • (six) J. Fold Weekend Bag: And the bag hunt continues. I'm honestly very surprised that I haven't just given up and grabbed the first Chrome or Puma bag that's come my way. But, truth be told, the seeking has been so much more satisfying than the finding. ($350 @ Tobi)
  • (seven) Opening Ceremony Simple Dress Shoe in grey: If I love their jeans, it's not a real stretch of the imagination to expect that I'd love their shoes as well. Patent grey? The novelty wears off quick, but the lustrous and deep color certainly stays. The rounded toe is perfect for dressing up or down and the cut would be ideal for going without socks on a warm summer day. ($325 @ BlueBee)

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