Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things On My Mind

     Recently, things have begun to fill my brain and stay there. This does not include any of my real responsibilities—of course—but just random junk that's trickled in through various channels.

     The first thing is that I got the Crystal Castles CD and really, really liked it. It gets a bit rough about some spots, but it's really fun and is just really engaging. Likewise, the HEALTH album is really a lot of sound to deal with, but it's rewarding if you take the time and listen. It's not an easy album and it certainly lacks the upfront hooks that Crystal Castles use, but it's still a well-produced, finely-tuned piece of work. I hate agreeing with Pitchfork (because everyone does), but the album's tendency to delve into the self-indulgent certainly is a problem. At moments, the allusions to Liars and Deerhoof stopped being allusions and became HEALTH writing a Liars or Deerhoof piece. But saying that something sounds as energetic as Liars or as arresting as Deerhoof doesn't really constitute any negative critique about the album's quality. Even if we're hearing the same noise, it's not really the same sound.

     On a more visceral note involving victuals (And yes, I would actually say that in real life), asparagus is in season, so I made some scallops and asparagus for dinner a few nights ago. I had a few spears left and couldn't resist encasing them in some pork-based goodness. The grease was everywhere. I loved it.

     And I would try to formulate a smooth transition into discusses these Palladium boots, but I fail to see a reason why. Since when do I ever need a reason to talk about shoes? At $120, they're certainly not the cheapest pair, but they certainly aren't a frightful burden, either. The grey would certainly help me kick my all-black habit. And those new PF Flyers coming into the store won't hurt, either. Damn it. I was supposed to stop shopping. Ugh. I'm hopeless.

     Another day, another shamble.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Red Sun Rising

     My head's been buzzing ever since the temperature shift has forced me to ditch fall coats in favor of spring shirts. Jeremy Scott's collaboration with Ksubi has definitely been on my mind (late for the bandwagon, much?) and I don't remember how, but Mondrain's name has been tossed back and forth for random reasons. And when my new April 77 Colordrives came in (and my alarm didn't go off), everything sort of just fell into place.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

(Clockwise from top: John Varvatos Slotted Brief, $895 @ BlueBee; Ben Sherman Accordian Laptop Case, $99 @ Urban Outfitters; Surface 2 Air Paris Black Cargo Bag, $552 @ OAK; Banned Brand Laptop Bag, $164 @ 111VOX; Sandqvist Arne, $178 @ 111VOX; Sandqvist Meryl, $148 @ 111VOX)

     I haven't been able to take my mind off the idea of a big, black bag. Since when is having a slim, slouchy sack that can swallow all your belongings a bad idea? The Swedes seem to agree with me, since three of my picks are from 111VOX, a webshop based in Stockholm. Not a plug or anything, just a coincidence.

     I am all over this "black for summer" thing. I've snagged a few more things, but I'm planning on making a shopping expedition sometime soon, so expect me to have more prattling in days to come.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Charmed, I'm Sure

(Marc by Marc Jacobs Fan Jewelry Key Ring, $78 @ ShopBop)

     I'm supposed to say something about this, but all I really want to do is hold them up and jingle them around. That's a totally normal urge, right?

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What's it Worth To You?

     You know, I don't often make "rules". It's too easy to be proven wrong. It's less stressful to set vague boundaries for yourself. I am referring mostly to dress, but you can apply it to pretty much anything.

     But after recent developments, I think I've come up with something that I can comfortably adopt as a rule in life. Be clear about value. Don't treat a t-shirt like it's a mink. Likewise, don't act like fur coats grow on trees. Acknowledge and respect the value of a given thing and say nothing more or less than it deserves. Do I love my April 77 coat? Fuck yeah. That thing is my most worn piece of outerwear. It's cut great, the color is deep, and the details are fantastic. And as much as I love it, I don't feel like it's necessary to parade it about, to act like French vegetarian labels are the most common thing in the world.

     Similarly, when I buy cheap shit, I say "I am going to buy cheap shit." I feel no need to defend or praise my ability to find and/or buy cheap shit, as my ability is completely immaterial when gauging the value of the item. Is it of lesser value? If so, then I treat it as such. I'm avoiding really delving into this "value" thing, because I know (from experience) that it's the forays into specifics that get you. You know what? The bigger the hole, the less likely you are to find a peg that won't fit.

     Ambiguous? Sure. But something I can actually call a "rule for living"? I think that's some kind of existential headway, no?

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Monday, April 07, 2008

WANT WANT WANT: Sleek in Schwarz

(Surface 2 Air Paris Mountain sneaker in black leather, $118 @ Blackbird)

     If this shoe doesn't get me to start writing more often, then I don't know what possibly could. It's smart, clean, and the leather version of the one I pined over last Decemeber. I would have loved for it to be all black, but it's still absolutely stunning. Everything that I liked about the army canvas version looks ever better done in black leather. And tomorrow, after I grab my paycheck, it's going to be mine.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008


     Long time no see. Long time no speak. A variety of technical difficulties, scheduling fiascos, and overall lethargy have contributed to my extended absence. But I'm back, and in full force. Currently, my time is being spent divided between frantic attempts to finish my homework, sluggishly trudging through my classes, and working my ass off at my job. But the results are stunning. I just bought...

     ...(clockwise, from the top) Rogan henley, Engineered Garments t-shirt, Cheap Monday L.L. Vintage button-up t-shirt, , Uniqlo short-sleeved gingham, and Uniqlo short-sleeved chambray. Many thanks go to Connie for the Uniqlo shirts, which she got when she snagged herself an internship for this summer. Talented bitch.
     And on a note that doesn't remind of how worthless my career possibilities are going to be, I finished Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things for my post-colonial lit class and I am in delirious love with it. From her deconstructive approach to language to her fractured and demented play with chronologies and temporality, Roy does a real doozy for my understanding of what a novel can do.

     Any future delays in posts will probably be due to my inability to think of 5 pages to fill up on the Aeneid/my desperate scramble to interview someone for my journalism assignment/my ever-increasing hours at the boutique/my lack of the Adobe Creative Suite on my computer.
     Don't worry. Things will get better. Or at least I'll be able to afford things until they do.

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