Monday, April 14, 2008

What's it Worth To You?

     You know, I don't often make "rules". It's too easy to be proven wrong. It's less stressful to set vague boundaries for yourself. I am referring mostly to dress, but you can apply it to pretty much anything.

     But after recent developments, I think I've come up with something that I can comfortably adopt as a rule in life. Be clear about value. Don't treat a t-shirt like it's a mink. Likewise, don't act like fur coats grow on trees. Acknowledge and respect the value of a given thing and say nothing more or less than it deserves. Do I love my April 77 coat? Fuck yeah. That thing is my most worn piece of outerwear. It's cut great, the color is deep, and the details are fantastic. And as much as I love it, I don't feel like it's necessary to parade it about, to act like French vegetarian labels are the most common thing in the world.

     Similarly, when I buy cheap shit, I say "I am going to buy cheap shit." I feel no need to defend or praise my ability to find and/or buy cheap shit, as my ability is completely immaterial when gauging the value of the item. Is it of lesser value? If so, then I treat it as such. I'm avoiding really delving into this "value" thing, because I know (from experience) that it's the forays into specifics that get you. You know what? The bigger the hole, the less likely you are to find a peg that won't fit.

     Ambiguous? Sure. But something I can actually call a "rule for living"? I think that's some kind of existential headway, no?

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