Saturday, April 05, 2008


     Long time no see. Long time no speak. A variety of technical difficulties, scheduling fiascos, and overall lethargy have contributed to my extended absence. But I'm back, and in full force. Currently, my time is being spent divided between frantic attempts to finish my homework, sluggishly trudging through my classes, and working my ass off at my job. But the results are stunning. I just bought...

     ...(clockwise, from the top) Rogan henley, Engineered Garments t-shirt, Cheap Monday L.L. Vintage button-up t-shirt, , Uniqlo short-sleeved gingham, and Uniqlo short-sleeved chambray. Many thanks go to Connie for the Uniqlo shirts, which she got when she snagged herself an internship for this summer. Talented bitch.
     And on a note that doesn't remind of how worthless my career possibilities are going to be, I finished Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things for my post-colonial lit class and I am in delirious love with it. From her deconstructive approach to language to her fractured and demented play with chronologies and temporality, Roy does a real doozy for my understanding of what a novel can do.

     Any future delays in posts will probably be due to my inability to think of 5 pages to fill up on the Aeneid/my desperate scramble to interview someone for my journalism assignment/my ever-increasing hours at the boutique/my lack of the Adobe Creative Suite on my computer.
     Don't worry. Things will get better. Or at least I'll be able to afford things until they do.

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