Monday, March 03, 2008

Head to Toe: Weekday Sleek

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     While I'm walking around and running errands, I've been staring at a lot of concrete. And I've been modifying my wardrobe to be sleek and comfortable, but versatile. So while I've been in cardigans and skinnies, my ideal choice would be a combination of tailored, but slightly off-kilter pieces. Endovanera's pull-back jacket provides the kind of streamlined silhouette I've been trying to emulate (to varied degrees of success). A pair of Raf Simons' pleated trousers with an untucked tuxedo shirt from Mjolk creates a casual sense of refinement perfectly suited for everyday chores. I love the proportions of those pants and the shirt's details, from its Peter Pan collar to its hem, keep the look casual without sacrificing any of its style. I've loved the Schmoove line of shoes for their bold approach to sneakers and their Jamaica Corso combines the comfort and sleek lines of a sneaker with wingtip detailing for a captivating clash between classy and casual. That's enough alliteration for one night, eh?

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Marc. said...

I love your blog. |runs to favorites|.

Oscar said...

i really enjoy trim tailored couble breasted long jackets and coats this year, i may even write an article on them soon, thanks for the inspiration, love your blog