Monday, March 10, 2008


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  • LISTENING to Hot Chip's Made in the Dark: Honestly the most fun I've been having during this entire weekend of studying. I just got myself the Ready for the Floor remixes, so I'm expecting more enjoyment out of this one.
  • WATCHING Living With the Mek: The Adventures of Mark and Olly: I am absolutely enthralled with this show, mostly because of how bunglingly inept the two of them are. I mean, it's fascinating to watch the other culture, but the best parts are when the show produces moments that are absolutely ridiculous and would never exist outside the context of a television program (i.e. sleeping with pigs, sex stories with ladies).
  • READING Four Theories of the Press by Fred Siebert: Technically there are other writers, but Siebert's writing is what really motivates you to read it. That and the forthcoming assignments that I'll have to do.
  • BUYING Tide Cold Water detergent: Has anyone tried this? I mean, it's not nearly as useful when I'm not the one paying the water bills. But I'm running low on detergent and I want to try something new. Rebellious, no?
  • WEARING Marc by Marc Jacobs burgundy cords: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you're tired of them already.
  • EATING Beemster X.O.: A slice of dairy heaven that's bound to please anyone who likes cheese. Thick, nutty, and aged to perfection, this Beemster has gotten 26 months under its belt and it's learned quite a few tricks during that time. Nutty, warm, it is simply a textural dream.

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Michael said...

Haven't heard the new Hot Chip stuff, but The Warning was an excellent album.

Liked this one.

MR style said...

i've seen the show Living With the Mek and yes it's really cool seein those different people gettin in touch with some people like us !!