Saturday, March 08, 2008

Like This Wasn't an Obvious Conclusion

     I would like to attribute the dearth of posting to my lack of time and my lack of post-worthy material. Life has been straight up boring for quite a while now. Luckily, I spent the day with my two favorite ladies—Connie and Jon.

     While not necessarily my most successful shopping trip (I had hoped to snag myself a new bag to lug around campus), this certainly was one of the most fun/efficient/entertaining. After a quick stop in Zara, which yielded a fun shirt that screamed "Buy me, Jon!" and a shrug for Connie that I am certain will work it's way into her work outfit, we lingered in Bloomingdale's long enough for me to stare at the absolutely fantastic mannequin display in the men's section. Styled to look like they were walking through heavy wind, the dressers had run wires through almost all the clothing so that it would retain the shape. These sorts of ideas, while inspirational, are utterly out of my budget/scope.

     Far too much time was spent lingering in Barney's where we all got to longingly interact with things we wanted so badly. The Band of Outsiders jacket that I had tried on last time had (of course) been snatched up and the only A.P.C.s left were in ridiculous sizes (34 is ridiculous, right?), so it was a lot of looking around. I saw a fantastic bag that would have been my ideal lug-everything-around bag by Surface 2 Air Paris, but I lacked the financial fortitude necessary to buy it.
     A hop, skip, and cab ride later, we were strolling through the Fillmore, though we were blatantly directing our steps towards the Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique, where I found a delicious pair of jeans and a pair of burgundy cords.

     Honestly, this photo — taken as it is with my shitty camera — simply cannot do any justice to the real depth of color on those corduroys. The jeans are a wonderful dark grey-toned blue and both have a pair of rivets on the back right pocket with "M J" stamped upon them. While these jeans certainly aren't going to catch any serious denimhead's attention, I must admit that I love love love the cords. Unfortunately, I lacked the funds necessary to buy them both at the same time, so I charged it. Which means that once I have enough cash, I'm going to return them and re-buy them using cash from my checking account so that there isn't any serious $190 dent in my credit card statement.

     Oh, such is the needlessly complicated and totally immature world of a college fashionisto-wanna be.

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