Sunday, March 23, 2008

Food For the Road

     "'But we call it lembas or waybread, and it s more strengthening than any food made by Men,  and it is more pleasant than cram by all accounts.'"
-Book II, Chapter 8, 'Farewell to Lórein'

     So it's a lazy sort of Sunday and I've spent my entire day grocery shopping/doing dishes, but I decided to take an hour out to try out a new recipe. I know it sounds silly (and it is), but I decided to try making lembas, based upon a recipe that I found at Happy Love Strawberry and I'm really happy with the results.

     I won't reproduce the recipe below, because I'm far too lazy, but I will note that I made mine a little sweeter by actually using sugar and honey, although I probably will use just the honey next time. Also, I had planned on adding some lemon zest, but I had already thrown away the squeezed lemon by the time I remembered. Oh well, there's always next time. Also, I wound up adding a wee bit too much milk in an attempt to keep the dough cohesive, but it ended up being a little stickier than I wanted. I rolled it into a ball, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and gave it a chill, which solved that problem rather nicely.

     So I'm obviously not the neatest baker, but I really wanted these things in the oven and having eaten one, I have to say that I am supremely satisfied. The best description I can possibly come up with is that it's a cross between a biscuit and a cookie with hints of lemon and just the slightest bit of sweetness. And yes, this was the nerdiest thing I have ever done in a kitchen.

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