Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Friday Escapade

A night marked by urgency, but no need to be wasteful with time. We went to the Paramount to see Iron & Wine. Califone opened for them, but we weren't terribly interested.

The ladies next to us were pretty awful, though. They kept getting up and sitting back down, requiring multiple instances of squash-myself-into-my-seat-and-try-not-to-appear-too-irritated syndrome. And then the one next to me kept falling asleep and kicking me. Yeah.

I can forgive it though, as Sam Beam makes me forgive everything. Even all the times that Theresa Broad gave me shit in middle school (but that comes with the awkward process of coming out, so I'll take it for what it represents in the long run), even when I get gipped by the Coldstone people who refuse to make my ice cream unnecessarily huge (if I wanted reasonable ice cream, I would go someone else, now wouldn't I?), and other stuff.

Honestly, he sounds better in concert than on record. Sam Beam is one of those rare musicians that doesn't simply play songs off his records but actually performs them, which accounts for the goosebumps I got. Tavi and I felt like his rendition of "Woman King" seemed a little off, but it's just such a weird, trippy song to begin with that any live performance of it is bound to seem like it's being sung by a siren on Mars in a fish tank. Or something.

I snagged myself a shirt (kids' large!), as did Alison and Tavi. We ate Barney's before, so I was a little sleepy going in, but I quickly perked up as I realized how deliriously beautiful the music was.

I think I should go to bed now, since I have a meeting one of the student magazine editors tomorrow. Oh, to be professional.

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