Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Got Greed For...

(School Boy Sweater by Obedient Sons, $84 from $196 @ New Dandyism)

With the recent resurgence of the cardigan, I feel like guys need to really think about whether or not this trend is for them. That's the real problem; guys don't take the time to try and figure out if a trend actually suits their style. If you think it will work out with your wardrobe, then just make sure to keep it classy. Simple lines, neutral colors (or bright solids, if you're daring), and a slim fit will ensure that you look like you're ready for drinks, not a walker.

If I had the cash for it, I would totally snatch this one right up. The restrained color palette utilizes striping just perfectly. I'm usually a little wary of horizontal stripes, but I can't help but imagine this little number hanging up in my closet. And at less than half the original price, this would make a perfect belated Christmas present for whomever you forgot this holiday season.

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