Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Got Greed For...

Shoes. Oh good Lord, do I have it bad for some shoes. And when it's three in the morning and I'm riding on a brownie-fueled wave of material lust, there's nothing to do but ogle pairs upon pairs of shoes.

(Prada Leather Square Toe Oxfords, $396 @ Bluefly)

Having recently acquired a pair of round toe black leather lace up oxfords, I feel like a square toe would also be nice, as sometimes I feel guilty for not being more conscious of the difference. Honestly, the round toe is fine, but sometimes I desire just a bit more edge, and a square toe does that brilliant. The profile on this Prada number is wonderful, with a nicely proportioned heel and a nice, gentle line forming the foot.

(Sperry Top-Sider Black Patent Boat Shoe, $95 @ Sperry Top-Sider)

Equals parts class and flash, this number combines a classic shoe form and profile with the unexpected, but highly appreciated touch of patent leather. Rather than gaudy, the simple shoe turns into something refined, something you could feel comfortable wearing with shorts to brunch or with jeans to drinks—although the two need not be separate events. Just make sure you're playing something else a little more tame to keep your look tame.

(Creative Recreation Dicoco Lo in White/White Patent, $132 @ Revolving Clothing)

I give the folks at Creative Recreation a lot of shit for how unnecessarily loud some of their shoes are, and not in an interesting way (here's lookin' at you Lanvin). But here, they do something right. A high-top white patent sneaker with a few straps for interest and a good clean line all over. For it's price, a fantastic shoe if you're looking for something white and shiny.

(Puma AMQ Tendon Mid in Black, $259 @ Revolve Clothing)

Hearing Alexander McQueen's name associated with footwear just makes my heart melt. I've always had a soft spot for McQueen and his other label, McQ. Although I find some of their clothes preposterous, I also appreciate the craft and thought that go into his garments. Likewise, this shoe showcases his excellent shoes of color, texture, drama, and construction, but does so without compromising the essential Puma label. The AMQ Tendon is a wonderful study in balance and in co-operation. Were that all designer-meets-mainstream brand collaborations this excellent executed, the world would be the better for it.

And as masochistic as it may appear to spend so much time searching for things I can't have and can't afford, there's a certain satisfaction that only shopping can satisfy. It's the hunt, the search. How can you train your eye if you don't exercise it? You can't learn to be discerning if you don't spend some time looking first.

Besides, typing stops me from eating anymore brownies.

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