Friday, October 12, 2007


There's a definite need to get this all out of my system so that I can focus on more important things. Or at least spend time procrastinating about important things. Or at least productively procrastinate about important things. Okay. Fuck that. I'm just probably not going to do any "important things".

Awesome wool military-inspired jacket from Brown Sound at Urban (here). J'adore the subtle print, the collar, And big buttons. Oh I am mad for big buttons. Unfortunately, at $179, I don't really think I want to work it into my budget. My non-existent budget. It really reminds me how much I love fall. Trying to work my trench and my coated denim jacket more fully into my wardrobe right now. But I still do need a greater variety of coats. And a charcoal grey wouldn't be a bad idea.

A poly/wool blend vest for $19 at Forever 21 men's (here), on the other hand does not seem like a bad idea at all. My only concern is that stuff from Forever tends to be a terrible fit for me, and I want a vest (or waistcoat, if you insist) to be very well fitted. I've found plenty of great looking vests, I just need a great fitting one.

In terms of footwear, I'm looking for a desert boot, like the classic ones from Clarks (here). But at almost $94 and in suede I'm not so interested. I know that Clarks makes a leather version, but it has a different kind of construction that I don't like nearly as much as the classic clean cut desert silhouette.

I mean, so basically my life has come down to coveting.

Covet, covet, covet.

And how do we learn how to covet?

Damn. I just want some more Jodie Foster right now.

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