Saturday, October 13, 2007

For Purposes Pertaining to Private Persons' Identities, This Shall Remain Untitled

Sometimes you are not meant to be asleep.

You begin with "the" and end here.
Sometimes you are meant dance to the rapture.
If you need instructions,
Then you need to seek,
One of Pendell's allies.
And meet me on some metaphysical battlefield,
We shall make some Antietam,
Well, shall we? Um—

I am sorry, I am not well today.
I have—um—hairs—airs—I'm in disarray.

You should go seek that ally.
We don't need to talk of that battle.
We can bury our dead,
Whether dream or plan or virtuous hand.
The soil shall sprout
Lilium candidum.

I will grow the flowers while you search,
Now you,

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