Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Grey + Beige

Anyone who hears me blather all the time will know that I've been on the hunt for a nice slim-fitting, thick coat for fall that is slowly smothering the Bay Area with wind, rain, and fog. I found these three coats (that are actually in my size) at Revolve, all from Shades of Greige. I like to think of these as ├╝ber-basics—the type of stuff that you can wear for (hopefully) forever but will never really look off trend without being boring as all-get-out.

First up is this rather traditional looking peacoat. They don't have the black in a small, but I actually like the grey better with this length. The pockets look nice, but I'm not so sure about the fit. It does look a little boxy, but that's what you would expect out of a full peacoat.

These two cropped coats (same cut, different color) also caught my eye. As I skinnier guy, I worry that the full-length will cut my proportions all funny. I do like the look of the buttons against the wool on the black version, but the grey is also nice. One fault is that the cropped coats don't seem to have as much detailing (like the pockets) as the full version.

I'm tempted to just pick up two of them and return them if I don't like it, because Revolve offers free shipping and supposedly their returns are "no hassle".

My wallet is whimpering in fear.

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