Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Art is Good for the Sole

     Aki Choklat's shoes are vaguely Victorian, a phrase which absolutely tickles the senses. Choklat's academic background (he's a visiting lecturer on design at various design schools in England) shows in the thoughtful construction and elegance of his shoes. A firm believer of "formal elements with directional styling"1, Choklat's shoes embrace the mysterious details so essential to menswear.

     While he does make things other than black, it seems that he's most comfortable working in the inkiest shades. The ribbon loafer is, by far, my favorite piece, combining drama and sophistication like no one else I've seen. The boot's multiple layers unfold like some leather flower, creating the most delightful tension between the delicate and the rugged. And the asymmetrical tassel loafer turns convention on its head to wonderful effect. Available only by directly contacting him, I do wish that some boutiques would start carrying his pieces (I refuse to call such delicately crafted works of art mere shoes) so that I could fervently collect them all and leave myself penniless, but, more importantly, I'd fabulously dressed.

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