Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fuck You, Tibia

     I've got some nasty shit growing out of my shin. And by "growing" I mean, it hurts, is red, swollen, and won't give me any relief. As such, it calls for me actually changing out out pajamas and getting my ass to the doctor's office.

5:17 PM

     Behold! It has a name—other than motherfucking hurts like a bitch—folliculitis. Well, not really. But my physician (more like physician's assistant) needed something to put down on my chart. It's basically just an infection underneath my skin that was beginning to form an abscess. Thankfully, antibiotics and hot compresses can reduce the inflammation and stop it from forming any nasty boils. Unthankfully, antibiotics and my intestines never get along. Never.

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