Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Out of the Mold Modern

(JF & Son, Spring/Summer 2008)

     Thank god for Refinery 29 and for the many people in their employ who spend their time finding kick-ass stuff like this. Nowadays everyone is afraid of the term "Modernist", just because it's so passé to be one; people would much rather reflect on Modernism and critique it and talk about how we've progressed (or not). But if it was good enough for Virginia Woolf then it certainly is good enough for me.

     Comprised of Jesse Finkelstein and Robert Cordero, JF & Son is, by and far, some of the freshest work I've seen lately. I'm honestly surprised that I haven't heard more about them, but I suppose having only produced two collections limits the amount of press they get. Usually, when people invoke Modernism, it winds up being drab and self-deprecating and, more often than not, a bit conceited, as though there's this big joke about reality that we're all supposed to be in on. But rather than giving in to the cynicism, JF & Sons honestly tries to be Modernist, in the most intellectual sense of the word possible.

     The lines are clean, but never austere. The shapes, while body-conscious (which as the current wave of London designers have noted, is a bit played out of a phrase), actually make me want to say that they're style-conscious. And I'm not talking about style in the season-to-season sense, but in the greater scheme of personal taste and expression. Colors are not only restrained, but refined. Their Spring/Summer collection relies on off-whites and blacks with occasional pops of red and yellow for emphasis.

     As of yet, they don't list any stockists, but I'm sure that it'll be coming along soon enough. Shit this good always finds a way out and about.

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