Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Resist Wrist

(Michael Young PXR-5 EL wristwatch, $90 pre-sale at Charles & Marie)

     Honestly, the Internet does not help make me less broke (except for menial writing assignments and endless searches for magazine internships that have yet to appear) and the folks at Charles & Marie are obviously in cahoots with other awesome websites that are hungrily lapping up every stray dollar I have. One of my big obsessions is watches of all shapes and sizes, but I find I have difficulty actually wearing them, due to complications arising from a thin (and slightly limp) wrist and a distaste for anything remotely shiny that looks like it belongs on a banker's wrist, not mine.

     This delicious number from Michael Young—a hard-to-Google designer whose own website does little to explain who is or what he does—comes in both brushed and polished steel (I have a soft spot for the brushed one, shown above), as well as more exotic (and expensive) black and gold versions with an adjustable wrist strap that comes in a variety of colors. Hell, you can even buy a pack of them for variety! What I love about Young's design is that it's design-conscious but blissfully unpretentious. The combination of stainless steel with a synthetic fabric strap creates a delicious tension between something utterly polished and something utterly utilitarian.

     While I could blather on and on about this baby, I'd really rather save my time scrounging for spare cash so I could get one for myself.

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