Monday, January 28, 2008

Unequivocal Equanimity

     I got started talking about art with someone. The who, when, and where makes little difference. But he had showed some of his graphic design off. And I had made comments. Honest comments. I said that I felt one wasn't very aware of proportion and scale. I said the techniques in a photograph looked forced and unnecessary. And he was a little upset at this. Then I asked him,

     "Isn't the expectation of showing your work to get honest opinions?"

     He seemed a little baffled and it did little to console him. It really discouraged me that someone cannot reconcile the concept of honesty with the concept of possibility. That is, the possible of a good reception and the separate and equally distinct possibility of a bad reception. I can't possible tell you good things without telling you bad things. That would be—and let's say it together—dishonest. The act of displaying your own work, things that you have spent your time and energy fucking creating, means that you want someone to objectively view your accomplishments and to critically analyze it. But to go around and act outraged at a constructive criticism is absolute bullshit.

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1 comment:

Angela said...

But then there's always tact.