Saturday, January 05, 2008

Wallet Alert: Kenneth Cole New York Shoes

(High Style Oxford, $59.99 @ Kenneth Cole)

     Now, I typically am leery whenever I see Kenneth Cole New York shoes for men. Well, for women, too. They're typically a too out there. They try to go for the edgy look that has classic roots, but oftentimes their proportions seem to make their men's shoes a bit too sharp and angular for a reasonable fellow. And I must confess that perhaps my weakness for white oxfords runs a bit deep, but there is something utterly masculine and self-assured about this shoe. The wood heel and leather sole match the white worn leather perfectly. Although I try to avoid stuff that says "worn leather", as it often means poor quality leather put through treatment to seem of better quality. But I might admit that my current pair of wingtips haven't failed me yet.
     The whole store is having an absolutely enormous sale right now. And it appears that plenty of sizes are still in stock. I spotted a few acceptable items, but the brand as a whole just seems to be a little lost when it comes to self-editing and evaluating its proportions. When a shoe gets too pointy, you enter some strange elfish territory.

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