Monday, January 21, 2008

Wallet Alert: Messenger Bags

(From top to bottom: Hlaska Radiant Medium Laptop Bag, $220 @ Tobi; Fox Nylon Messenger Bag, $169 @ Charles & Marie; Cole Haan Leather Zip-Top Briefcase, $330 @ Bluefly)

     And so the hunt for my new bag begins. Function necessarily precedes form, as my needs usually include lugging around my laptop and a couple of books. Classes have yet to begin, so I'm not entirely sure on what sort of demands I'll require of my bag, hence my open-mindedness. My Ben Sherman messenger has served me faithfully, but the minor problems of construction (poor closure, slipping D-rings, lack of structure) has proven to be a less than minor inconvenience.

    The Hlaska laptop bag is really winning the race right now for me. Sturdy fabric with leather trim and padded to cradle a laptop, it's a pretty good fusion of style and substance. The green lining gives it a nice kick, which is always appreciated. And at $220 it's at reasonable enough for a price-point that I wouldn't mind saving up for it. The Fox Nylon bag is, quite honestly, such a cool concept that I'm hard-pressed not to just snag it right now. It's a wrap-around messenger that fits around whatever size load you're carrying, which sounds like a super versatile option. But the Cole Haan comes in simply for the huge discount ($220 off? Oh my!) and an all-leather bag sounds like a great investment, especially at this price. The lack of conspicuous branding doesn't hurt one bit, either.

     But no guns shall be jumped, since I'm lacking any real income right now. I'm planning on heading down to Urban or something to see if I can find a retail bitch position with which I might fill my oh-so-empty hours.

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