Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Head to Toe: Robert Geller, Hiroshige, and Expensive Boots

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     Connie's managed to make me feel utterly useless (thanks, Connie) so I felt the urge to be productive, although by other standards (say those measuring how much work I'm getting done on this English essay) this could be considered a complete waste of time.

     My space heater has managed to replace the bone-chilling cold of my room with a comfortable 75.0°F, but my toes have yet to thaw and the sensation brought to mind Robert Geller's absolutely stunning collection for Fall. While Geller took his cue from the winters of Russia, I felt absolutely compelled by Hiroshige's masterful take on a snow-covered scene, Two men by a gate in the mountains. And I also wanted to completely rip off Geller's look, but for less. It's a mix of high and low, mind you, and where it's high, it certainly gets high. But I always try to put out an honest effort to acquire things not merely as things, but as functional and aesthetic investments.
  • Rib Hem Storm Flap Bomber Jacket, $125.46 @ ASOS: Any M-65 you have (you do have one, no?) would be best, but if you're lacking one, then this bomber jacket from ASOS has enough military detailing to fit the bill. Sufficiently tailored to be Geller and sufficiently rock-and-roll to be your own.
  • Essex Sweater, $18 @ Heritage1981: I abhor Heritage1981 for quality reasons, but that shouldn't stop you from filling those tiny holes that occasionally pop up in your wardrobe with a cheap sweater. At least until you can find the exact James Perse sweatshirt that you want. Drop a Jackson and take some bus fare home.
  • Nudie Thin Finn Grey Coated Jeans, $175 @ Oak: My roommates are both very wary of coated denim and I have yet to purchase a pair out of fear that they might mock me endlessly. But that doesn't stop me from drooling over Nudie's grey coated skinny jeans, which add a matte luster to an otherwise, flat color palette.
  • Drakes Snowflake Solid Scarf, $50.59 (£25) @ oki-ni: On sale and made out of lambswool? Sold. Not nearly as crinkled as the one in Geller's look (you'll have to look for something woven, not knitted, if that's what you're after), this scarf is still a totally worthwhile replacement. The understated waffle knit adds an extra layer of texture to an extra layer.
  • Alex & Chloe Knife Necklace, $48 @ Urban Outfitters: I'm a big fan of the Alex & Chloe stuff, mostly because it's appropriately masculine jewelry at a pretty reasonable price point. And you know how I am whenever I get what I want for less than I can afford. Besides, you need just a hint of shine for visual interest.
  • Buttero Work Boot, $375 @ Barney's Co-op: My word, the things I would be willing to do to get my hands on a pair of Buttero boots. Whenever someone posts a picture of theirs on Supertalk, I'm usually left gasping for air-slash-burning with envy. If you're looking for a boot to last a lifetime, then by all means, stop your search and GET THESE BOOTS.
     There, Connie. Who's the lazy one now?

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connie said...

Damnit Marcus, you are my doppelganger so this comes as no surprise. BRING IT.

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