Thursday, January 31, 2008


    Thank Michael, if you want to thank anyone at all. Different people are bound to react differently.

  1. I think about clothes more than I think about girls. But that's a very obvious revelation.
  2. My room is littered with old receipts, magazines, notebooks, and empty plastic bags.
  3. My net attendance of parties in 2007 was not a figure that I followed; honestly, I didn't count. A couple bad ones, but overall, party quality has been on the rise.
  4. My DVD collection is: Drawn Together Season 1, The Devil Wears Prada, Amadeus, and Rainy Day: Rain's First Live Concert. This collection is obviously stifled by my lack of space and does not include DVDs purchased and stored at home.
  5. The last thing I searched on Wikipedia was the live-action Dragonball movie. Folks, I'm concerned about this. Emotions are mixed, I can tell you. Stephen Chow? Exciting. Justin Chatwin? Uninspiring. James Marsters? Interesting. Emmy Rossum? Confusing.
     This was a bad idea. But at least it's a completely one.

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1 comment:

Michael said...

this is great. i like it more than mine hahahaha.

embrace the nerd revolution.