Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wallet Alert: Gram Shoes

(From top to bottom: Gram 383g softshell and Gram 406g in waxed black, both $109 on sale from $218 @ 111Vox)

     Let me tell you right now that my list to things to buy once I get the chance (and the cash) is constantly expanded. I've been looking for shoes that are okay in the rain and both of these by Gram seem like a great idea. I've been a fan of their aesthetic for a while now and though nowhere near as rainproof as a good pair of Hunters, these do seem like a reasonable idea. And they're on sale? You don't say...

     The 383g is actually much more practical, using a tri-layer construction to render the shoe practically waterproof. High-tech and high-style, the 383g exemplifies everything you want out of a sneaker—it's sleek, stylish, smartly made, and could go with just about everything. But I must admit that my heart really belongs to the 406g. The waxed oilskin is Gram's first design and still remains my favorite. So many shoes and only two feet. What ever is a boy supposed to do?

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SneakySteve said...

Get em at BRNDNUSTORE.com

Andrew Meehan said...

They're sold out at the source. Again.

I bought the Gram 383g Softshells a pair too small -- 44, which translates to 28.2cm feet (or US size 10.5/11).

Here's the link: