Sunday, February 17, 2008

MDBB: London Fashion Week F/W '08

     Mind dump brainblog. noun. The result of my extreme bored with school (e.g. journalism mid-term and the massive readings that I'm supposed to do) coupled with my skill in wasting time. A chance for you to ride along in my head as I flip through's coverage on London without illustrations, which will be added when I am less pre-occupied with not failing.

(11:10 PM - 17/02/08)
  • Why does it feel like Missoni is meant for some old, rich lady now?
  • Where did all the knit go? Did all the sheep die in Italy? I don't understand this.
  • Some of these shoes are damn fine and sophisticated. Classy stuff.
  • Cute red dress with twisted bubble hem. I never thought I'd live to see the day.
  • Very anti-body-con (how bad are these buzzwords going to last?) dress in color blocks. Typical sophisticated palette. But nice tweak.
  • The jury's still out on the mushroom-puff-collar-bumble-hem sheath.
(11:33 PM - 17/02/08)
  • I don't think I can really handle this shiny dress in no established context. Too much, too early for me.
  • I feel like the schizo-color block thing is a little more effective in muted colors, not bright, saturated ones.
  • I like the silhouette of the pouf skirts to the fitted tops with the slightly shell-like short jackets. It's an interesting look.
  • The stacked/wrinkled tight knit dresses are really doing it for me.
  • Some of these proportions seem a little funny.
  • Interesting cobweb knits. The color choices are definitely striking and the overall effect really makes you think about what knits can do.
  • I just don't buy these shoes. Sorry. Next.
  • But Fiona is as cute as ever. Thank the heavens.
(11:48 - 17/02/08)
  • Okay...this is...different.
  • The severity and the piallettes make for a super subversive combination. Very tongue in chic.
  • There are definitely better and worse examples of transparency.
  • None of these are even really standing out to me.
  • If I bought those shoes, I'd rip off every single thing dangling off of it and throw it at people in ugly jeans.
(11:55 - 17/02/08)
  • I just feel obliged to do this because Cavalli wasn't a half-bad judge on Project Runway, so I have to give him some props.
  • This hat is a good start.
  • Why haven't I seen more Biba stuff around?
  • I do love these shoes.
  • For the age group/price point to which it belongs, some of these shorter dresses are pretty cute.
  • Some of the florals are pretty restrained, considering what Cavalli typically goes for.
  • Puffy sleeve blouse under tweed (?) dress with subtle floral tights, metallic shoes, and drawstring bag that reminds me of a bag of magic? Sign me up, yes.
(12:08 - 18/02/08)
  • Already liking this a lot. It's got drama, it's got style.
  • The blur print is absolutely magnificently executed.
  • This duchesse looks like it probably costs a million bucks, and it probably does, too.
  • The jackets kind of came out of nowhere.
  • But the second yellow one is really hitting the spot for me.
  • Some of these coats are less successful than others, but still a very good effort.
  • The darker hues definitely work better, but I'm totally falling in love with all the purple everywhere this season.
     Good work team. We'll figure out how to class this up later.

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