Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Head to Toe: Spring Fling

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     While Spring has not quite sprung, a whole day's worth of gloom and grey has made me pine for sunnier days, lighter color palettes, and new shoes (of course). Patrick Ervell's show for Spring '08 was certainly one of the highlights of the season, with its bold colors, simple lines, and fantastic details. And since lighter weather equals fewer layers, it all becomes about bold pieces with loads of detail. But don't get crazy, it's about sprezzatura.

     The new Heutchy boots (from Trovata to Shipley and Halmos to them) are part of their upcoming line which is effortlessly classic. And pair that with the YMC motorbike pants ($133 @ Gargyle) for a rugged blend of Americana and European tailoring. In terms of accessories, you can opt for the bright, as in Raf Simons multi-colored collaboration with Eastpak (£279 @ Oki-ni), or the basic with Rag & Bone's canvas satchel ($175 @ Barney's CO-OP). Light scarves are appropriate for maritime excursions and if I managed to take the boat from my rich future ex-husband, I'd tie a loose knot with this Ann Demeulemeester striped scarf ($340 @ Aloha Rag) to keep things light and layered. But I'd be lying if didn't clearly state that my best find is the zip boots from YMC ($190 @ Blackbird), which come with an interchangeable grey pig leather/navy canvas upper that are easily swapped with nothing more than a quick zip. And there's a reverse colorway if you'd prefer your leather darker.

     But aren't we trying to stay positive here?

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