Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mind the Gap

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     Is it just me or is Gap actually becoming much less repulsive? Their latest thing is a "European" collection for men and women that aren't really very European. Sure, the construction is a little more detail-oriented, but let's not kid ourselves, this is American sportswear. That being said, this is damn fine American sportswear. From the men's mac to the ladies' sleeveless belted dress, I am finding pretty much everything in this little collection to be chic, understated, and rather effortless.

     The price point (from $30 or so for tops up to $168 for coats) is diverse enough that you could either buy everything and call it an investment or just select a few items and consider it a bargain. The fact that it's part of the European collection means that the fit is a bit slimmer, a little more body conscious. Which, given the clean lines and rather sophisticated silhouettes, seems like a very good idea.

     Honestly, prior to this, I had been trying to avoid Gap for quite a while, as diluted as their vision has become thanks to poor creative direction and the endless flood of Product(RED) garbage pouring out its doors. But now that Patrick Robinson is in charge, the brand has received a nice injection of well-edited opinion that reflects upon a genuine attempt to re-cultivate the company and re-position it as a pre-eminent source of uniquely American clothing. Is it totally successful? Well, I'd really like to give it a yes, but I can't say yet. We've still got to see what the mainline stuff for Fall is going to look like. But given the previews so pleasantly provided by and, I'm rather optimistic about Gap's outlook.

     As always, the rising price point gives me pause, but with the not-quite-a-recession that we're going through, it's expected that costs are going to be adversely affected. That notwithstanding, it's mass market clothing that still boasts some solid design.

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Marc. said...

I agree. I've been avoiding GAP for some time now.