Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wallet Alert: Nudie's Summer Washes

(Nudie Thin Finn in Blonde Ecru Embo, $275 @ Matthew Izzo)

     Okay, I have to stop giving people shit for wearing washed denim, because someone inevitably puts out some washed denim that I fall over myself wanting and needing. And for the upcoming Spring/Summer season, Nudie Jeans have put out this brilliant iteration of my favorite jeans from them, the Thin Finn. For the uninitiated, the Thin Finn is better for tall, skinny guys as per myself because it's a higher rise with a lower yoke and lower back pockets. Some of my friends who have tried them on think they fit funny, but it's just because their build doesn't really work with pockets that low.

     That being said, I cannot get over how fantastic this Blonde Ecru Embo wash is. Like all jeans, Nudie hasn't tried to put any fake distressing in (a la Abercrombie jeans where you pay for someone to basically ruin your denim), but have instead focused on producing an absolutely stunning wash through a combination of ozone and bleach to create a look that I refuse to describe as anything other than abso-fucking-lutely unbelievable. My bank account is woefully unprepared to accommodate any new purchases, so I'll simply have to stare at them every time I pass August.

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