Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shopping Fever

     I would totally make a kick-ass collage out of this, if my Photoshop were working. But due to a series of unfortunate events, I am currently having to live without any part of the Adobe Creative Suite. Yes. This is a new emotional low for me. In return for being so patient while I (meaning Jon Ong) sort out the technical difficulties (which may or may not include getting Leopard), I promise something super fabulous. Paper doll patterns, mayhaps? Or maybe I'll be a bit more consistent with posts? Whatever. I'll probably wind up doing whatever I damn well please, no matter what happens.

     So in my mail, I got a refund from the school, saying that I had $600 in credit. Well, I'm never one to complain about receiving money, so I resolved to tuck it into my checking account and keep it for next month's rent, so I wouldn't have to ask my parents for the whole amount.

     But then I found out that Gargyle was having a sale.


(Fred Perry 3 Color Check Shirt, $67.20 on sale from $96 @ Gargyle)

(Corpus Cadet Jacket, $225 on sale from $375 @ Gargyle)

(YMC Cropped Chino Trousers, $133 @ Gargyle)

(Umbro by Kim Jones Mork Aztec Sneakers, $108 on sale from $135 @ Gargyle)
(Umbro by Kim Jones Aztec Trim Weekender, $116 on sale from $145 @ Gargyle)

     Okay, so I threw in a couple that weren't on sale. So sue me. But now I have another candidate for my next bag. Ugh. I love the shoes and the bag by Kim Jones, who makes just some of the smartest fucking sneakers on the planet. Honest to God, if they had all my sizes in all the above items, I would totally just buy this outfit in a heartbeat. But I have (some) self-control, so the only things I'm seriously considering are the bag and shoes (and maybe the pants if they go on sale in my size).

     All this shopping is really just a way of congratulating myself on not only completely my English essay, but also getting over a fever of 100.3°F over the course of one night. Thanks, ibuprofen!

     Now if only there were some pill to get rid of all this fucking reading, then I'd be set.

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Nicey said...

I like that black jacket !! very nice ....

connie said...

get the jacket get the jacket get the jacket

then let me borrow it?

Michael said...

about your dan deacon post from about a month ago:

deacon is just crazy enough to work. i love it.