Sunday, February 17, 2008

This is What Tomorrow Sounds Like

     My InDesign decided to go crazy on me, so I tried re-installing it. But Jon has me doing impossible things with my computer that will (ultimately) require me to get Leopard, so I must postpone any posts with real—i.e. good—pictures. Instead, I'll just rattle off a list of some stuff that's been buzzing in my ears.

     Been doing a ton of house-y, Nu-Rave (New-Rave? Neu-Rave? Bullshit term?) stuff. I'm not claiming to be an expert by any mean. Hell, I'm not an expert about any music. I just like listening to stuff that I think sounds interesting. Tiga's been getting a little bit of play recently, mostly because of that whole hoodie thing. I just grabbed Remixed & Reimagined: Nina Simone because of Ian and there are already plenty of good associations that I've formed in my head with that album, not that I need more reasons to supplicate to the High Priestess of Soul. Klaxons' As Above, So Below EP has been particularly pleasant, but I'm starting to feel that I've overplayed it for myself. But the Justice remix totally makes it worth it. I couldn't do this without mentioned Made in the Dark, which practically requires listening. I, unfortunately, have to try not to play it aloud, because Alison refuses to hear it before she purchases it for herself. I understand this desire, but my personal desire to experience the record is far more visceral than my desire to "do it right". Yelle's Pop-Up is absolutely ridiculous, but I don't know what I'm supposed to dance to in the shower, if not ridiculous music. Patrick Wolf doesn't fit into this picture perfectly, but it's too hard to resist every single thing about The Magic Position. Drawing the parallels to Bowie is too easy, but too hard to miss, as well.

     So I guess this wound up being a pretty extensive post, despite my inability to include pictures. More promises that I'll do something dramatic. And more chances that I probably won't.

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