Thursday, February 07, 2008

Two Bright, Spiky Things

     Meet my new time sink: Supermarket. Like Etsy, but not, Supermarket (claims to) present a curated collection of underground designers. It's the classic boy-meets-web, web-sells-things, I-wind-up-more-broke-than-usual love story. I'm thinking of picking up a certain something (Which I refuse to reveal until I get it. You know, for suspense), but here are two other gems—half-literally, half-figuratively—that caught my eye.

(Bendant Lamp in silver by MIO, $165 @ Supermarket)

     If I actually lived in my own real apartment and had a real job and had the real capacity to change my light fixtures, the Bendant Lamp would certainly be pretty high up there on my list of things to try and install before giving up and hiring some big, well-muscle handy-man to do it for me. Or Alison. Alison knows how to nail and hammer and whatever. The foils (for lack of a better name) can be bent to create the lamp configuration that you like best and given my protean tastes in decoration, that would certainly be a bonus. That would certainly remove the temptation to replace it every two months.

(Radiolaria Brooch by Nervous System, $50 @ Supermarket)

     Now, I've had mixd feelings about brooches in the past. Usually they're a bit too hard to pull off. They're either too big or too shiny or too obtrusive or too round or something. The problem definitely resides in the almost-too-excessive nature inherent in a brooch. But the folks at Nervous System scaled the color down, focusing on an abstract form that I could see just as easily pinned on the collarbone of your favorite shift or on the lapel of a tailored blazer.

     I worry. I honestly worry. Now my professors are going to have to fight for my attention. Oddsmakers are putting them are pretty slim chances. And to Lauren and anyone else who might see this, I apologize in advance for the hours of your life that I am stripping from you.

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connie said...

You are ridiculous. And amazing. But mostly ridiculous.