Friday, February 08, 2008

Dress You Up in My Love

     Oak is back with a vengeance and a new location on Bond Street. But, more importantly, there's tons of new stuff in stock. What I've always loved about Oak has been the balance they've struck between the avant-garde and the everyday.

(Kerrigan Wrap, $262 @ Oak)

     Not just a cardigan, not just a wrap, not just an another layer. Kerrigan creates an elegant solution to the question of "What should I wear today?" Everything about this piece just screams "Wear me!" from its jersey fabric to its drawstring collar, to its draped pockets. The heather gray is a nice contrast and is the perfect color to showcase the construction. At $262, it's certainly a pricey investment, but this is certainly a piece that would be able to weather the shifting winds of fashion.

(Opening Ceremony Stainglass hoodie, $289 @ Oak)

     One thing I've always loved about Opening Ceremony is that while the folks that run it certainly have an eye for design, they've always been willing and able to fill the holes in their wardrobe for themselves. The result? Pieces like this stainglass hoodie can easily work itself into your closet, but are unique enough to stand on their own.

     Oh, and how much do I love the Oak product shots? They're half the reason I shop there anyway.

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