Friday, May 16, 2008

     My my my, resort has arrived and so have the shows. I'm still not certain what we're supposed to think about resort as a season. It's pretty much there de facto, but are we intentionally not saying anything about it? Is there anything to be said?

     Seasonal existential crises aside, Oscar de la Renta presented a covetable, if slightly repetitive, show. It's hard to make the same intense artistic demands on a season predicated largely upon the commercial and marketable aspect of fashion. That being said, de la Renta showed his old tricks, but in a refreshing way. Although some prints seemed to be trekking dangerously close to Jonathan Saunders' work, I suppose that it's more so the palette than the actual working that reminds me of his stuff. The dresses were, as always, immaculate. The numerous takes on the L.B.D. made me do a double-take to Ghesquière's show for Fall 08, but de la Renta dreams about the dresses while Ghesquière contemplates. It's the same difference between reading and studying.

     For a season that I still don't understand, I've got to say that the results are pretty eye-catching.

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