Sunday, May 25, 2008

Today is the Day Before Tomorrow

So, according to the weatherman, summer has started. But with the blustering wind outside and the random mix of clouds/sun that I've seen in the past few days, I highly doubt the veracity of that claim. Now that school's out, I've been at a loss for how to while away all my extra hours, but maybe I'll be better about posting to this thing (for reals?). On a completely unrelated note, the much-talked-about bag is finally mine and I must say that I love it more than I thought I would. The abundance of pockets and the detachable shoulder strap makes this the ideal replacement for my slowly decaying Ben Sherman number.
I actually have a few goals for the summer:
  • Work out. No. Seriously. I will.
  • Build a serious summer wardrobe. The dearth of shorts, boat shoes, lightweight button-ups, and whatnot are going to be a serious problem once the real heat kicks in. And unlike my last job, my current one has no air conditioning.
  • Get a few more recipes under my belt and in my noggin. It's easier to cook for one than three, and the summertime gives me access to a plethroa of veggies and time. Farmer's market, here I come.
  • Read more. I've got quite a list building up of things to read (Ishiguro, Purple Fashion) and re-read (Eggers, Rand) and my bus commute is the perfect place for it.
  • Spend less. It's high time that I start actually saving money. As enjoyable as spending it can be, the lack of safety net/emergency funds is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed. (Happy now, Angela?)
  • Learn another language. Maybe French. Is this a totally crazy idea? I think it might be, but it's worth putting it down.

That ought to be enough for me to say I'll do, wind up not doing, and regret later. But if I need more, I'm sure there are a few infectious diseases that require my inattention, as well.

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Michael said...

What a coincidence that I am reading You Shall Know Our Velocity! and the Fountainhead right now!

I guess Eggers and Rand go together well.

Fashion Is Poison said...

oooomg is that how you organize your clothes?? i love it