Saturday, January 03, 2009


     I never thought it'd happen, but I'm actually living in my room again; that is, my things are in my room, in the places they ought to be rather than crammed into plastic trash bags. For those of you in the know, this is an absolute wonder, since my bedbug infestation has left me paralyzed with fear for both my both and my closet. But it's a lot like terrorism — if I live in fear of the bedbugs, then the bedbugs have won. Or something.     Reclaiming my wardrobe has made me dive back into pieces that I have touched in months, most noticeably any of my more structured and formal jackets and pants. And it got me wondering why, exactly, don't I wear slacks and jackets more often. I suppose the main problem lies in the practicality of it: how worthwhile is it to stuff myself into a pair of slacks and a suit jacket and a shirt if I'm just going to sit on my ass all day in class? But that's a cop out; you can be dressed and be comfortable. Hell, I'm usually just as, if not more, comfortable when I'm wearing more structured and formal clothing than otherwise. The lines of a jacket make a man stand taller, straighter.

     And now a series of 300 pixel wide images of men that I like/want to have sex with/would enjoy a sandwich with/could learn a lot from/never be able to match/wish were real.

     I swear to god that I did not intentionally pick all black and white photos, they were just the first nice ones that turned up on my Google Image Search. Seriously.

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{K}cheese said...

looks gorgeous