Sunday, January 04, 2009

WANT WANT WANT: To Smell Like Laundry

(Commes des Garçons Synthetic Series 6 – Dry Clean Eau de Toilette, $56@Blackbird)

     Commes des Garçons consistently produces some of the most interesting range of fragrances, at least from a conceptual point-of-view. I'm not saying I don't have faith in the wonderful people who run Penhaligon's, but I trust them for tradition, not for innovation. The idea of capturing not simply a smell, but a verb, a location, a context within a fragrance is weird, but fitting. Our own experiences tell us that no other smell makes me remember better than smell. And given how kindly the Korean couple down the street handled by (potentially) bedbug ridden clothing, I can't help but have some good associations.

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