Thursday, January 08, 2009

WANT WANT WANT: Leather High-tops

     Oh sweet Jesus, please let me win this auction. I have been wanting these bad boys for almost a year now and I finally have a pair within my grasp.
     In recent years, Diet Butcher Slim Skin has become pretty well known for their high-tops. Yeah, sure, everyone raves about the Lanvin ones, the Rick Owens ones, the Balenciaga ones, and (but of course) the Raf Simons ones. But for me, these are what sneakers really ought to be. The past few seasons have seen DBSS making high-gloss patent sneakers, metallic foiled sneakers, and some super-sleek horse-leather ones.
     But for me, the distressed deerskins from two years ago will always be the holy grail of sneakerdom. Everything about these are just right: the extra-long laces, the careful distressing, the padded ankle, the oversized zipper-pull. Perfect. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope that nobody snatches these from me at the last second.

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